Sana Khan

Former Indian Actress

Sana khan revolutionized her life by leaving a successful Bollywood career of almost 20 years to transforming and becoming one of the most loved and heard a motivational speaker in India and globally.
Her story inspired billions of people around the world coming from all walks of life, race, age, and profession.
She married Mufti Anas Saiyad on 20th Nov 2020 who is Alim e Deen and also a successful business.
Their fans around the world follow their lifestyle on social platforms of both individuals to follow their lifestyle for better-balanced family life.

After her shift from all worldly things to following the path of Allah she is a motivational speaker n tries to put the msg out to people loud and clear who are confused about so many things in life connected to Deen just like she was.
She and her husband also runs an NGO in the name of Hayat welfare to help people in need.
She also started her new clothing line of modest clothing along with her husband for halal income so that she uses her creative mind for a better source of income.

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