Saif Adam

Safe Adam (formally known as Saif Adam) a British singer-songwriter from Essex, UK.

Safe Adam first entered the Islamic Entertainment industry in 2012 and has performed sold out concerts all over the world specifically UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Morocco, Canada, Jordan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Sweden and USA.

Other than performing Safe Adam also invests his time in Dawah work to benefit local communities and producing films at Red Face Films, an award-winning film production company, specialising in culturally diverse and faith based entertainment.

In 2021 after a 5 year break Safe Adam decided to re-enter the Islamic Entertainment Industry with his vocal only Nasheeds, since his re-launch it seems like he never left and is going from strength to strength. Within 3 months and 3 releases he already has surpassed one million views. Safe Adam and his team are looking forward to what the future holds.


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