If We had sent this Quran down to a mountain, you [Prophet] would have seen it humbled and split apart in its awe of God: We offer people such illustrations so that they may reflect

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By the grace of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala), the 18th annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention welcomes you and your families to our second  Qur’an competition – Divine Illuminations.

Celebrating the Divine Word

RIS at its core has always celebrated the Divine Word and it has been an underlying force behind the conference.

This year, we want to bring it to the forefront.

The intention of Divine Illuminations is to celebrate the bearers of God’s Words and to inspire others to become closer to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) through learning, memorizing, and reciting His Book, and applying its lessons and teachings in our lives to revive our own Islamic spirit. We hope to illuminate your hearts and minds with the Divine Qur’an and facilitate the growth of your love for the Qur’an.


Full Quran

No age restrictions

Juz 26-30

16 years and under

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Registrations open from Oct 28th – Dec 16th
  2. The competition is open to both brothers and sisters
  3. The sisters’ competition will take place with female judges
  4. Participants can only take part in one category
  5. $30 registration fee must be paid to complete the registration
  6. All participants selected for the finals at RIS 2019 are responsible for their transportation, accommodation, food and other related expenses.
  7. Applicants living outside GTA may give their qualification test online

Important Dates

Registration deadline: Dec 16th

Qualification round: Dec 20 and 21

Final: Dec 22nd

The qualification rounds will be conducted at the RIS 2019 conference on Dec 20th and 21st. The final will be on Dec 22nd.


Full Quran
First place: $1500
Second place: $1000
Third place: $750

Juz 26-30
First place: $1000
Second place: $500
Third place: $300


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