Convention Program

Improved & Engaging Format

Continuing the RIS Reimagined format, we are attempting to deliver a transformational experience for our audience and speakers alike.  Our program style has been reformatted to address three core elements: heart, mind, and soul. Each day has been divided into three segments that address these elements, each with its unique presentation style and a key area of impact.   

Heart – The morning segments of the convention present the RIS Purification of the Heart Series. This series focuses on topics related to the heart that allow for self-purification and improving our personal relationship with the Divine. The sessions will be taught in a traditional dars style format with the instructor seated on stage, facilitating an intimate engagement between both the audience and teacher.   Each session will also have ample time for teachers to present the material in an organized and detailed manner.

Mind – Our early afternoon segment will include a Between the Lines Panel discussions on key contemporary issues.  The moderated panels will engage multiple speakers, each an expert in their respective field, in discussions that will offer fresh perspectives, challenging us to think deeper and broader. The topics of discussion have been carefully selected to cover our most salient concerns such as the Western Muslim identity, civic engagement, and more.

Soul – The evening sessions or RIS Talks deliver power talks designed to be succinct yet inspirational. Modeled off the popular TED Talk format, RIS Talks showcase our dynamic speakers addressing universally relevant topics that will, God-willing, uplift the audience and provide an impactful closing for the day. 

We welcome you on our new program journey in this new chapter and pray it inspires us all to cling to the path of our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), the path of excellence.