Khalid Mehmood

 A Pakistani singer, songwriter and music producer of Pakistani origin, Khalid Mehmood is one of the renowned names in the Islamic faith oriented Nasheeds and songs. His Nasheeds are known for a distinctive contemporary style embracing Urdu Islamic poetry at its best. Although his passion for Nasheed and Quran recitation started in his early childhood, however he gained global popularity in 2014 when his song “Rabbe Kaba” went viral on internet. Khalid Mehmood has released multiple Nasheeds and continues to add more with time. Among his best Records, Rabbe Kaba (2014), Allah Hoo (2015), Khuda Wanda (2016) and Khuda Naraz Ker Bethey (2020). Khalid’s official and fan-made unofficial videos have had over millions of views and continuously being shared across the Muslim world. 

Khalid Mehmood has had a close affiliation with Music and Nasheed’s Legend Late Junaid Jamshed and together they have performed on many live Nasheed events across the globe as well as on TV channels across USA, Canada, and Pakistan. 

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