Let your brand be tasted!

This year’s food court will have following stall options:
Five to six Food Booths (Each allowed to sell five items)- 15 x 15.
Five to Six Specialty Food Booths (Each allowed to sell maximum of 2 items)- 10 x 10.
Two Hot Beverage(s) Booths- 15 x 15 (Outside the bazaar area, close to the lecture hall).
-10 x 10 (Inside the Food Court area)

This contracts for each of the above options with the details for pricing and terms and conditions is attached to this email.

This year’s convention will be held from December 20 – 22, 2019 and we will be returning back to the South Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

a. All vendors must comply with city of Toronto vendor health guidelines (see document attached) and will be required to fax the health form once they have been selected to be a vendor at the program.
b. Food booths are allocated on first come first serve basis, albeit previous vendors will be given preference for booking. Unless your payment is made, your booking is not confirmed.
c. Vendors MUST submit proof of having Liability Insurance for exhibiting for $2 million and must name the Metro Toronto Convention Centre as an additional insured.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of a food booth prior to December 1, 2019, is subject to a $3000+HST cancellation fee for food booths and $1000 cancellation fee per specialty booth. No refunds due to exhibit space cancellation will be granted on or after December 1, 2019. You may transfer your booth to another vendor with the approval of Food Director; all such requests must also be made in writing. All written requests can be sent via e-mail to food@risconvention.com


Information about the booths and other details

What is Included in My Booth?
Food Booth (15 x 15)- 1. Two side walls (pipe & drape) 2. One 6 x 2 display table (non-skirted); 3. Five vendor bazaar admission passes; 4. Two chairs. 5. 1500 Watt Electricity outlet

Specialty Booth:
(10 x 10 feet): 1. One display table; 2. Two vendor bazaar admission passes; 4. Two chairs.

Hot Beverages Booth (s)- Two Booth(s):
15 x 15 – outside the main lecture hall

1. Two side walls (pipe & drape)
2. One 6 x 2 display table (non-skirted)
3. Five vendor bazaar admission passes
4. Two chairs.
5. 1500 Watt Electricity outlet

10 x 10 inside the food court
1. One display table;
2. Two vendor bazaar admission passes; 4. Two chairs.

What is considered a specialty food item?
Any non-entrée food item is classified as a Specialty food item.
Example of what is included: Baklava, Samosas, Cotton Candy, Fruit Smoothie etc.
Example of what is not included: Pizza, Burger, Shawarma, Any Rice dish, etc.

Can I cook onsite?
Warmers, ovens etc. are permitted. However, cooking from scratch is not allowed, as anything that results in smoke causing fire alarms is not allowed.

Can I put up banners and have promotional material onsite?
Yes, as long as it is displayed inside your booth.

How many items* can I sell or what if there are many flavours of my product?
Depending on the type of the booth you are allowed to sell different number of items.
Food Booth- You can sell 5 different items + sell any bottled drinks (Water/Pop etc).
Specialty Vendor- Depending on your signup- one to two items.
Hot Beverages- Besides your hot beverages, you are allowed to sell 3 snack items.

*An item is defined as a single price selling entity. For example, if you are selling milkshakes with five different flavours @ $5/each, it is considered one item. However, if each flavour is a different selling price, it is considered as multiple items.

Loading and unloading:
a. Load in and out procedures will be communicated at a later date.
b. Load in time will be communicated and coordinated.
c. Replenishment can be done throughout the course of the day. However, it will not be available for all hours of the convention– exact hours to be communicated at a later date.

Bazaar Hours
Friday December 20th 1:30 pm – 11:30 pm (You can start selling as soon as you are setup).
Saturday December 21st 9 am – midnight.
Sunday December 22nd 9 am – 9 pm.

Move-In Time
Thursday December 19th noon – midnight (ALL Vendors). Cars will not be able to enter completely onto the show floor.
The Show Decorators will be offering dollies for rent when you arrive at the loading dock if you are interested or in need of them.

Move-Out Time
Bazaar will be closed at 9pm on Sunday and all vendors will be expected to leave the Exhibition before 11:59pm on Sunday December 22.

Electricity and Extras
Depending on your type of booth, you may be provided with one complimentary 1500 Watt electricity outlet (Not included for Specialty food vendors). This year we will be providing a form to vendors to request electricity, internet and extra tables and chairs through the show decorators directly.