RIS 2019

Grand Bazaar

This year’s convention will be held from December 20 – 22, 2019 and we will be returning back to the South Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

1. Bazaar
a. We are currently booking vendors looking for marketing packages.
b. After marketing packages are booked, vendors will be able to book space before the “LIVE” date if they book a MINIMUM of 4 booths.
c. Maximum number of booths available to each vendor is 4 booths.
2. Loading and unloading:
a. Load in and out procedures will be communicated at a later date.
b. Load in time will be communicated and coordinated after security deposit has been paid.
c. Replenishment in the morning and during the day will be coordinated through the bazaar office – procedures to be communicated at a later date.

As in previous years, the following still applies:
1. Cancellation of any individual booth reservation will result in a non-refundable administrative fee of $400 per booth – $1000 per marketing package (see rules & regulations for cancellations after December 1st, 2019)
2. Booth bookings made for 4 booths may be allocated or re-assigned based on sponsor booking requests
3. Any multiple booth bookings must be connected to one another (you cannot split your four booths into multiple locations)
4. We cannot guarantee pre-booked spaces if they are requested by Gold or Silver marketing packages
5. There is a no tolerance policy in place to prevent flyering, and solicitation outside of the perimeters of booth spaces this year.

Sponsorships, Multiple Booth Bookings, Marketing

Sponsorships are being accepted right now. Vendors booking 4 booths can book now also, provided their space does not include booths allocated for sponsorship or a marketing package. Booths that are chosen are not guaranteed until sponsorships are booked and confirmed. All other bazaar bookings can be done online on the go-live date. Maximum of 4 booths per vendor will be allowed this year (all 4 booths must be connected to one another). PLEASE NOTE THAT MULTIPLE BOOTH BOOKINGS DO NOT INCLUDE PIPE AND DRAPE AS THEY ARE SPACES DESIGNED FOR INDIVIDUAL VENDORS REQUIRING LARGER VENDING SPACES. PIPE AND DRAPE MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE SHOW DECORATOR ONSITE OR ONLINE BEFORE ARRIVAL.

Marketing Packages



Information about the booths and other details

When Does Bazaar Registration “Go Live”?
The live date for bazaar registration will be: 8pm EST on Friday November 1st

What is Included in My Booth Reservation?
The number of 8’ and 4’ walls around a booth are not confirmed until booths are selected and confirmed. Please click here to read the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations. When you register for a booth at RIS you are bound by these rules. Please make special note of our cancellation policy (above), and our rules against piracy. You will also find the layout for this years bazaar by clicking here.

All booths marked with a “P”, “G” or “S” beside it are reserved for sponsorships or marketing packages only (these booths may be sold individually at a higher price if not already taken by the go live date).
All end booths have an 8 curtain behind them. Vendors that have four booths may have an 8’ wall behind them. Vendors between 2 end booths will have 3 8 walls.
Aisle ways are 8’-10
wide. The first row booths at the wall have 10 of space between them and the wall.
Each booth comes with Two side walls (pipe & drape) for a corner booth and three side walls for a non-corner booth(will vary according to booths being booked by sponsors and vendors booking multiple booths); One 8 foot skirted display table; Two folding chairs per booth; Two vendor admission passes; and The right to purchase 4 additional passes at a discounted price.

Bazaar Hours
Friday December 20th 1:30pm – 11:30pm
Saturday December 21st 9am – midnight
Sunday December 22nd 9am – 9pm

Move-In Time
Thursday December 20th noon – midnight (ALL Vendors). Cars will not be able to enter completely onto the show floor.
The Show Decorators will be offering dollies for rent when you arrive at the loading dock if you are interested or in need of them.

Move-Out Time
Bazaar will be closed at 9pm on Sunday and all vendors will be expected to leave the Exhibition before 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 22nd.

Electricity and Extras
This year we will be providing a form to vendors to request electricity, internet, and extra tables and chairs through the show decorators directly. These forms will be available online after the bazaar pages go live.

Booking Individual Booths

The online bazaar booking system will go live on our website soon (please visit this page again for updates) You will not be able to access the registration system until 7 pm EST on the 9th of November. The RIS Bazaar booking works on a first come first serve basis. This means the first vendor to make payment and complete the transaction for a booth will secure that booth. If two vendors are registering for the same booth, then the vendor who makes payment first and completes the transaction will secure the spot.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of exhibit space prior to December 1, 2019, is subject to a $250 cancellation fee for individual booths and $1000 cancellation fee per sponsorship/marketing. No refunds due to exhibit space cancellation will be granted on or after December 1, 2019. The exhibitor will be obligated to pay the total rental cost of the exhibit space. Exhibitors who fail to occupy their exhibit space by the close of the exhibition “MOVE IN TIME” (as discussed two sections above) will forfeit the space. No refunds will be issued under these circumstances. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED once the event has commenced. All cancellation requests made prior to December 1, 2019, must be made in writing. You may transfer your booth to another vendor with the approval of EXHIBITS MANAGEMENT or the Grand-Souk Co-coordinator; all such requests must also be made in writing. All written requests can be sent via e-mail to bazaar@risconvention.com

Grand Bazaar Layout

RIS 2019