RIS 2023

Grand Bazaar

This year’s convention will be held from December 22 – 24, 2023 and we will be returning back to the South Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

1. Bazaar
a. We are currently booking vendors looking for marketing packages.
b. After marketing packages are booked, vendors will be able to book space before the “LIVE” date if they book a MINIMUM of 4 booths.
c. Maximum number of booths available to each vendor is 4 booths.
2. Loading and unloading:
a. Load in and out procedures will be communicated at a later date.
b. Load in time will be communicated and coordinated after security deposit has been paid.
c. Replenishment in the morning and during the day will be coordinated through the bazaar office – procedures to be communicated at a later date.

As in previous years, the following still applies:
1. Cancellation of any individual booth reservation will result in a non-refundable administrative fee of $400 per booth – $1000 per marketing package (see rules & regulations for cancellations after December 1st, 2022)
2. Booth bookings made for 4 booths may be allocated or re-assigned based on sponsor booking requests
3. Any multiple booth bookings must be connected to one another (you cannot split your four booths into multiple locations)
4. We cannot guarantee pre-booked spaces if they are requested by Gold or Silver marketing packages
5. There is a no tolerance policy in place to prevent flyering, and solicitation outside of the perimeters of booth spaces this year.

Sponsorships, Multiple Booth Bookings, Marketing

Sponsorships are being accepted right now. Vendors booking 4 booths can book now also, provided their space does not include booths allocated for sponsorship or a marketing package. Booths that are chosen are not guaranteed until sponsorships are booked and confirmed. All other bazaar bookings can be done online on the go-live date. Maximum of 4 booths per vendor will be allowed this year (all 4 booths must be connected to one another). PLEASE NOTE THAT MULTIPLE BOOTH BOOKINGS DO NOT INCLUDE PIPE AND DRAPE AS THEY ARE SPACES DESIGNED FOR INDIVIDUAL VENDORS REQUIRING LARGER VENDING SPACES. PIPE AND DRAPE MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE SHOW DECORATOR ONSITE OR ONLINE BEFORE ARRIVAL.

Marketing Packages



Information about the booths and other details

1. What does my booth booking come with?

a. Each booth comes with 1 table (8’x2’) and 2 chairs.
b. Each booth comes with two wristbands.
c. The booth space is 10’x10’ and 8’ high; nothing in your space can be taller than 8′.
d. The height of your side walls may vary (4’ or 8’) depending on your booth’s location.

h. An image of a booth setup is attached.

2. Community Booth Bookings

a. Community booths come with 1 table (4’x2’) and 1 chair. b. Community booths come with one wristband.
c. Community booth space is 5’ wide x 10’ deep.
d. Vendors can purchase 2 additional tickets for $55 each.

3. Vendor Tickets – Does every vendor need a wristband to be in the bazaar?

Yes, all individuals inside the convention need a wristband (including children).

4. Can I purchase extra tickets for my booth at a discounted price?

Yes, vendors can purchase an additional 4 tickets (per booth) for $55+HST each. Children’s tickets are available for $25+HST. The deadline for this request is December 10, 2023. After this date, you can purchase them at vendor registration when you arrive onsite (subject to availability). (Does not apply to Community Booth – see number 2 above)

5. I need a parking pass. Where do I get this?

Parking passes MUST be purchased directly from MTCC. Connect with them via this link:


6. Does the booth space come with a power outlet?

No, if you need access to an electrical outlet in your space, you have to contact Showtech via this link: https://www.showtech.ca/

7. I’m interested in purchasing marketing or sponsoring the convention. Can I get information?
Please find Marketing Packages Document attached.

8. I have purchased some marketing items, what are the deadlines and formats for the items I need to submit?
a. Ads for the Program Guide are due by December 2, 2023 – please provide in Hi-Res PDF.

e. Food and drink sales or distribution are not allowed in your space, and helium balloons are

prohibited in the vendor area.

f. Vendors with products that create smoke require special permission from MTCC.

g. Vendors wishing to sample food or food products also need special permission from MTCC.

b. Video Ads and Tote-Bag inserts are due by December 9, 2023 – Please upload to YouTube in HD and provide the link for your video.

9. I’m coming from out of town, is there any hotel discounts?

Yes, you can access our hotel discounts at risconvention.com

10. Where can I see the Bazaar Layout?

Bazaar layout can be found online at risconvention.com

11. Bazaar Rules and Regulations are attached.

12. If we need extra tables or chairs or want to change the pipe and drape in our booth, who do we need to contact?
If you have questions about draping or booth setup, please email info@ops-eventrentals.ca, and someone will get back to you.

13. Move-In Time:

a. Thursday, December 21, 2023 – Noon – 11 pm ( )
b. Friday, December 22, 2023 – 7 am – 11 am ( )
c. Please note that vendors must MOVE their vehicles from the show floor and loading dock parking area once they have emptied their vehicle and are allotted a maximum time of 30 minutes to unload their vehicle. If a vendor wishes to remain on the premises and set up their booth, they must proceed to parking and can return to set up. Vehicles will be ticketed if they remain on the floor longer than they have been allotted for move-in.
Details about loading and unloading procedures will be communicated at a later date. We’ll be using the Voyage Control platform to schedule our move-in and move-out procedures. Please stay tuned for further instructions.
A map to the loading dock is attached.

15. Move-Out Time and Process:

Move-out time is Sunday, December 24, 2023, 8 pm – 11:30 pm
Move-out can only happen after our bazaar volunteer team has confirmed that your booth has been cleaned up and is ready to load out.

16. I have young children and they are not allowed on the floor during move-in and move- out. Can you help?
We have arranged to have childcare available for vendors who require assistance during move- out to ensure your children’s safety. Please inquire directly at bazaar@risconvention.com for details.

17. I’m interested in selling FOOD at the convention, can you help?

Please email food@risconvention.com directly.

local vendors

out of town vendors

Grand Bazaar Layout