Dr. Ali Ataie

Dr. Ali Ataie has been involved in interfaith activities for over twenty years. He has engaged in dialogues and debates with a number of Christian scholars on topics ranging from the historicity of the resurrection of Christ (upon whom be peace) and the Prophethood of Muhammad (upon whom be peace and blessings). He studied various Islamic sciences with local San Francisco Bay Area scholars. He is a graduate of the Badr Arabic Language Institute in Hadramawt, Yemen. He holds a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley (Oct. 2011), with emphasis upon the New Testament (he is the first Muslim seminarian in the over 150 year history of the school to earn this degree). He is certified in Arabic, Hebrew, and Biblical Greek, and is fluent in Farsi. He also holds a PhD. in Islamic Biblical Hermeneutics from the GTU (Oct. 2016) and is a professor Qur’an Sciences, Seminal Ancient Texts, and Comparative Theologies at Zaytuna College, the first accredited Muslim College in North America.

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