Abdoulaye Bustami

Abdoulaye Bustami is a British Sudanese playwright, performer, director, producer, workshop facilitator, and lecturer. He holds a Master’s in Theatre Education & is listed in the Emerald 100 Most Inspiring Muslims for his contribution to the Arts.

Bustami’s life journey has been a remarkable transformation from the world of education to a thriving career in the arts. For a decade, he served as an inspirational teacher, gaining invaluable insights into the challenges within the educational system. It was this experience that fuelled his passion to follow his heart into the world of the arts Bustami has worked in Theater, Radio, and television, & over the past 10 years, he’s performed in over 28 countries, writing & directing over 10 Musical plays & organizing countless tours & festivals in the UK and Europe for Muslim audiences Bustami founded Brimero Entertainment in 2017 and was instrumental in kickstarting the careers of countless singers and actors, nourishing and developing their careers and collectively they have amassed over 200 million views on youtube.

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