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22nd - 24th December

“Reviving the Islamic Spirit” convention is an attempt by the young Muslims in the West to help overcome new challenges of communication and integration.  The convention aims to promote stronger ties within North American society through reviving the Islamic tradition of education, tolerance and introspection across cultural lines through points of commonality and respect.

Over 250 booths!

The RIS grand Bazaar.

A colourful experience awaits you at the Grand Bazaar. With a wide spectrum of vendors participating, you are sure to find something unique in this gathering.

A joyful time for the little hearts

Children’s Program

A playful teaching time awaits your children with our special Children’s Program with the participation of selected teachers. Make sure to register in advance. Details coming soon.

A family gathering

A Community Gathering

RIS is more than just a convention, it’s a place where a thriving community comes together with an open arms invitation to people from all faiths and walks of live to come and celebrate humanity and share a message of mercy.

Tackling today's pressing issues

Questions and Answers

Making RIS a two way communications in an attempt to enlighten minds with different points of view in hope of reaching a better understanding and increased tolerance.

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