Yahya Hawwa

Mustafa Alazzawi

‏Yahya Hawwa is a Syrian singer and musician whose songs are full of hope and youthfulness with a special message of optimism and nationalism. He received the Oscar award in Cairo songs festival 2009- 2010, His most popular song (Hayati Kulloha le Allah) elevated him worldwide among Arab & Muslim youth. He continued to deliver songs that tackle youth concerns.
‏Yahya Hawwa’s name is popular among Arab youth who considered him for his optimistic personality and songs. He sings for the youth issues and produced special works for human dignity and peace.
‏Yahya participate yearly in tens of events and concerts around the globe in more than 35 countries.
‏In 2010 Yahya was chosen By Human Appeal International in UK as an Ambassador of Humanity, and in 2018 was chosen by the WATAN Faundation  as an ambassador of the good well
‏Yahya hold a master degree in Psychology. He is very careful when choosing words and melodies for his songs.
‏Number of albums: 13 albums
‏Number of songs : Over 160 songs
‏Facebook Page with almost 3.2 million fans: www.facebook.com/yahyahawwa
‏On twitter yahyahawwa , On Instagram yahyahawwa
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