Maryum Ali is the eldest of Muhammad Ali’s nine children. Maryum is a Social Worker with fifteen years of experience in juvenile delinquency prevention and family development. She has worked in this field in many capacities; as a Case Manager working with over 300 families, as a Director of Gang Prevention Programs, and as a Regional Manager for the Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development in the City of Los Angeles. She is currently seeking private funding for her non-profit organization, DMTL, that will provide juvenile delinquency prevention and youth development services in South Los Angeles.

Maryum is the author of a children’s picture book about her father titled, I Shook Up the World: The Incredible Life of Muhammad Ali.  She is also a spokesperson for Team Parkinson and The Parkinson’s Unity Walk.  Over the years, Maryum has appeared on television networks such as, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, ESPN, BBC, AL Jazeera, BBC, FOX, BET, Centric, Lifetime, and the Hallmark Channel. In 2016, Maryum was on the groundbreaking A&E docuseries, “60 Days In,” where she went undercover as an inmate to serve sixty days in a real county jail to learn more about the criminal justice system.

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