Imam Ibrahim served as the Founding Imam of the Mosque of ‘Umar, Inc. on Chicago’s Far South Side in the Roseland community from 1973-2009. He led Prayers and all related services, coordinated need based programs for the residents, such as Food Pantry, Youth Programs, Voter Registration, Job Training etc. He/we worked closely with the mostly Muslim merchants on the major business strip where the Mosque is located to establish a sense of Brotherhood in Islam, often difficult in the Inner City for a variety of reasons. From 2009 to present Imam Ibrahim operates Masjid Khalil’ullah in Chicago’s Morgan Park community. We offer 5x Salat, Salat ul Jumu’ah, and Family/Personal Consultation through a practical approach to Learning for Living.

Imam Ibrahim was a participant in the 1st Imam Training Program in Saudi Arabia in 1978 sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education. Imam Siraj Wahaj was also in the group.

Imam Ibrahim served as Director of The Transitional College Preparatory Program (TCP) @ Chicago State University from 1992-2009. An extracurricular program that prepared first generation College/University students for the realities connected to making the transition from High School to College/University. TCP tried to keep the student(s) from turning the critical 1st year of College into a 5th year of High School.

Imam Ibrahim was the Community Liaison for Illinois Majority Leader who became Senate President Emil Jones, Jr. from 1985-2009. Senator Jones was President Barack Obama’s political patron, without whose endorsement and fierce support would have had immense difficulty becoming U.S. Senator, not to mention U. S. President.

Imam Ibrahim maintains that the Muslim community in the United States does not know itself well enough to move as the body we are described as being in this Faith of Islam. Whether native born or immigrant we are incomplete without a sincere Love and Concern for each other.

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