25th ~ 27th DECEMBER 2015

Welcome to RIS 2015

“Reviving the Islamic Spirit” convention is an attempt by the young Muslims in the West to help overcome new challenges of communication and integration.  The convention aims to promote stronger ties within North American society through reviving the Islamic tradition of education, tolerance and introspection across cultural lines through points of commonality and respect.  Furthermore, the convention will be a celebration of our North American identity and Islamic faith.  To help attain these ideals, the convention will feature a wide range of voices from various parts of the world


The convention will take place at the
Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

From across the globe

Luminary Speakers

With scholars and mind-moving speakers from across the world, RIS is truly an enriching experience wherever you are on your life journey.

  • Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah
  • Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah
  • Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
  • Imam Zaid Shakir
  • Ustadh Mustafa Hosny
  • Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan
  • Dawud Wharnsby Ali

The RIS Live Update Feed

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19 November 2015
#RIS2015 in 37 days! View some of the convention highlights here: https://t.co/HzhKt1br2g https://t.co/dKJTsyT94v
18 November 2015
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18 November 2015
RT @ImamZaidShakir: RISTalks: Imam Zaid Shakir - "What Can We Learn from the Life of Nelson Mandela?" #RIS2015 https://t.co/J1OLT3DKmr
16 November 2015
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15 November 2015
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of violence and terror in #Paris and around the world.
14 November 2015
A reminder from Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui on this Blessed Jummah #RIS2015 https://t.co/5TLjmVpBpL
13 November 2015
#RIS2015 in 43 days! Looking forward to seeing Dawud Wharnsby Ali perform live at #RIS2015, inshallah. https://t.co/d6KVZOBfPf
12 November 2015

A video journey

Spirit of RIS

The spirit of RIS video is a visual journey through this amazing event. Sit back and enjoy to get a taste of what RIS is all about.

This year's RIS Convention

Alliance of Virtue

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful.
We hope you all join us this year for a much anticipated RIS convention. A time when we all need to come together as a human race rather than followers of a religion. A time for finding common ground and finding our way forward into the future…

Convention Hightlights

There truely is something for everyone

Grand Bazaar

Over 250 booths at the RIS grand bazzar.

Halal Food Court

A wide array of choice for your taste buds

Matrimonial Sessions

The first seed of a future family

Children’s Program

A special program dedicated for children

Talent Show

Share your art and talent!


Need a hand with the little ones?

Words from our guests

planning to visit?


General Admission
 (Ages 12 and over)
$55 (Before Nov. 29th)
$60 (After Nov. 29th)
$65 (On-site registration)

Child Admission

$25 (Before Nov. 29th)
$30 (After Nov. 29th)

One Day Pass 
(Friday, Dec. 25th only)
$35 General admission
$15 Child admission

Bazaar Booking

Bazaar booking starts 
on Oct. 29th

Tickets are selling, book your seat now!

Countdown to the Event
2015/12/25 12:00:00

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